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Virtual instrument technology meets the pipe organ in a vibrant, contemporary new style. Featuring Claire Avakian and the Nethercutt Collection Wurlitzer pipe organ.


"High-energy theatre pipe organ pop music at its finest."

- Theatre Organ Journal

"Refreshingly up to date...Nathan patently plays from the heart.”

- Stephen Ashley, Hot Pipes


  • 1. King Of New York (A. Menkin)

    2. Slumdog Millionaire feat. Claire Avakian (A. R. Rahman)

    3. We Are Done (B. & J. Madden)

    4. Somewhere In Time (J. Barry)

    5. The Luckiest (B. Folds)

    6. Jersey Boys Medley (B. Crewe, B. Gaudio, J. Parker)

    7. Rondo In G (J. Bull)

    8. Orange Colored Sky feat. Claire Avakian (M. De Lugg, W. Stein)

    9. Queen Tribute (F. Mercury, B. May)

    10. The Devil Went Down To Georgia (C. Daniels)

    11. Imagine feat. Claire Avakian (J. Lennon)


    Listen to excerpts from this album in the "MUSIC" tab!

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