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Nathan’s keyboard technique is PIN-POINT ACCURATE. His understanding of virtual instrumentation is COMPLETE and his artistic imagination is TRANSCENDENT. - Theatre Organ Journal

…one of the most IMPRESSIVE MUSICAL EXPERIENCES I have EVER attended. Nathan is PERFECTION at its highest of highest levels. - Audience Review

I have been listening to and playing for over 50 years...NEVER HAVE I HEARD BETTER!  - Audience Review


...more than the advertised OUTSIDE THE BOXevent. So much so that two mature concert attenders were disappointed that it wasn’t the usual style of Wurlitzer concert...I on the other hand ROCKED MY TINY SOCKS OFF! - ArtBop

It’s BREATHTAKING to see the instrument that we love given new life when infused with today’s technology in such a DISCIPLINED and TASTEFUL way. - Audience Review


If your Aunt Millie insisted on taking you to a theater organ concert, would you run for cover, imagining two long hours of roller rink promenades or solemn funeral home Muzak? Well, if she took you to Master Theater Organist Nathan Avakian, she’d be your NEW BEST FRIEND. - Broome Arts Mirror

It's a long time since I have heard a performer that has such a combination of SUPERB TECHNIQUE along with ARRANGEMENTS AND STYLE that put most other performers truly in the shade. They say comparisons are odious, that suits me as I can't think of anyone who is comparable to Nathan!  - Audience Review

Here is a young man who is not afraid to exploit the FULL RANGE OF TONE COLOURS and moods from an instrument on which most organists seldom VENTURE BEYOND THE CONVENTIONAL. - Theatre Organ Journal

Nathan Avakian is the most CREATIVE and TECHNICALLY-VERSED theatre organist I’ve ever heard.

  - Kerry O’Quinn, Creative Velocity Productions

What an EYE OPENING concert that was. I have never experienced anything close to that before. It had a WOW FACTOR!

  - Audience Review

Just when I thought it couldn't get any cooler, Avakian finished his show with a PHENOMENAL mashup of Queen's most famous songs. Hearing anything by Queen performed live is a pretty wild experience, but to watch Avakian play half of Bohemian Rhapsody with only his feet was TRULY ASTONISHING. - The Pitt News

Nathan Avakian literally turned theatre organ playing as an art form ON IT'S HEAD! - Tibia (TOSA Queensland)


[Nathan] has demonstrated not only an amazing EMPATHY for the theatre organ’s MUSICAL HERITAGE, but also an ability and inventiveness to ADAPT THE GENRE in his own particular way, and in a way that audiences of all ages can enjoy.

  - New South Wales TOSA News

Anyone who has doubts as to whether the Theatre Organ is a serious musical instrument, far more expressive than its classical counterparts and demanding the highest standards of MUSICIANSHIP, MEMORY and TECHNICAL ABILITY from its performers, had only to attend Nathan’s concert. - South Australia TOSA News


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