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ATOS Convention 2017: Performance Highlights

The 2017 American Theatre Organ Society Convention took place July 3 through 8, 2017 in Tampa, FL.  This two-disc set includes excerpts from performances by Dave Wickerham, Seamus Gethicker, Simon Glendhill, David Gray, Mark Herman, Richard Hills, Ken Double, Nathan Avakian, Andrew Van Varick, Justin LaVoie, Jelani Eddington, and Donna Parker.

ATOS Convention 2017: Performance Highlights

  • DISC 1


    Dave Wickerham - 3/17 Wurlitzer, Tampa Theatre
        1. Strike Up The Band; Summertime; Liza

        2. Hallelujah

        3. Cipher Medley: Cumana; The Peanut Vendor; Jeopardy Theme


    Seamus Gethicker - 3/17 Wurlitzer, Tampa Theatre
        4. Fly Me To The Moon

        5. Georgia On My Mind

        6. Lullaby Of Birdland

        7. In A Persian Market


    Simon Glendhill - 4/32 Wurlitzer, Grace Church, Sarasota
        8. Good Morning

        9. If I Ever Would Leave You

        10. Hurrying Home


    David Gray - 4/32 Wurlitzer, Grace Church, Sarasota

        11. I'm Beginning To See The Light

        12. Fleurette

        13. Going For A Ride

        14. Handful Of Keys


    Mark Herman - 4/32 Wurlitzer, Grace Church, Sarasota

        15. Stompin' At The Savoy

        16. Russian Lullaby

        17. Wiping The Pan


    Richard Hills - 5/92 Walker Digital, Amalie Arena, Tampa
        18. My Heart Will Go On; Nearer, My God, To Thee


    DISC 2


    Ken Double - 5/92 Walker Digital, Amalie Arena, Tampa
        1. You'll Never Know


    Nathan Avakian - 3/17 Wurlitzer, Tampa Theatre

        2. At The Square

        3. Silent Film Music: Noir

        4. Silent Film Music: Romance

        5. Rock Around The Clock


    Andrew Van Varick - 3/17 Wurlitzer, Tampa Theatre

        6. I Feel The Earth Move

        7. We've Only Just Begun

        8. Allegro from Ballet Egyptienne

        9. But Not For Me


    Justin LaVoie - 3m Hauptwerk, Pinellas Park Auditorium

        10. Let's Call The Whole Thing Off

        11. The Washington Post


    Jelani Eddington - 3/22 Wurlitzer, Jancko Residence

        12. Things Are Looking Up

        13. Bess, You Is My Woman

        14. Bacchanale from Samson and Delilah


    Donna Parker - 3/25 Wurlitzer, Brittain Residence
        15. Oh Gee! Oh Joy!

        16. Wouldn't It Be Loverly?

        17. Pavane

        18. Brazillian Sleigh Bells

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