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ATOS Convention 2019: Performance Highlights

The 2019 American Theatre Organ Society Convention took place June 30 through July 5, 2019 in Rochester, NY.  This two-disc set includes excerpts from performances by David Gray, Jerry Nagano, Luke Staisiunas, Nathan Avakian, Richard Hills, Mark Herman, Simon Glendhill, David Peckham, Alex Jones, and Walt Strony.

ATOS Convention 2019: Performance Highlights

  • DISC 1


    David Gray - 4/23 Wurlitzer, Auditorium Theatre

        1. All's Fair in Love and War

        2. Dance of an Ostracised Imp

        3. Slaughter on Tenth Avenue


    Jerry Nagano - 4/23 Wurlitzer, Auditorium Theatre

        4. Give Me The Simple Life

        5. I Only Have Eyes For You

        6. The Toy Trumpet

        7. St. Louis Blues


    Luke Staisiunas - 3/12 Wurlitzer, Eisenhart Auditorium

        8. Goin' Out Of My Head

        9. The Object of My Affection

        10. The Carioca

        11. Jazz Pizzicato


    Nathan Avakian - 3/16 Wurlitzer, Riviera Theatre

        12. Waltz In Swing Time

        13. Somewhere In Time

        14. International Youth Silent Film Festival: Slapstick

        15. Bohemian Rhapsody/We Are The Champions


    Richard Hills - 4/28 Wurlitzer, Shea's Buffalo Theatre

        16. The Desert Song Selections


    DISC 2


    Mark Herman - 4/28 Wurlitzer, Shea's Buffalo Theatre

        1. Shuffle Off To Buffalo

        2. Come To The Wild, Wild Weather

        3. The Way You Look Tonight; A Fine Romance; The Song Is You; Bojangles of Harlem; All The Things You Are


    Simon Glendhill - 4/28 Wurlitzer, Shea's Buffalo Theatre

        4. No Matter What Happens

        5. Cheek To Cheek; Top Hat, White Tie, and Tails

        6. Right As The Rain


    David Peckham - 4/32 Marr & Colton Hybrid, Clemens Center

        7. Butterflies In The Rain

        8. Of Sea And Skye

        9. Will-O-The-Wisp

        10. Idaho


    Alex Jones - 3/13 Hope-Jones, First Universalist Church

        11. Organ Sonata - First Movement

        12. I Know Why (And So Do You)

        13. Midnight In Mayfair


    Walt Strony - 4/23 Wurlitzer, Auditorium Theatre

        14. Fandango

        15. Monkey On A String

        16. In A Chinese Temple Garden

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