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Outside The Box

Nathan's debut album. A diverse collection of music recorded on the 3/25 Kimball at Cleveland High School and the 4/109 Wicks at the First United Methodist Church in Portland, OR.

Outside The Box

  • 1. Overture from Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (D. Yazbeck)

    2. When She Loved Me (R. Newman)

    3. Blue Rondo A La Turk (D. Brubeck)

    4. Waltz in Swing Time (J. Kern)

    5. Grace Kelly (Merchant, Warner, Marr, Penniman)

    6. Medley from 42nd Street (H. Warren)

    7. Bumble Boogie (J. Fina)

    8. Napoleon's Last Charge (E. Wllis, E.T. Paull)

    9. Carillon (L. Vierne)

    10. Mancini Collection (H. Mancini, F. Lai)

    11. Fantasmic (B. Healey)


    Listen to excerpts from this album in the "MUSIC" tab!

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